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Design plans for my future include the online marketing course that I am taking through Yoobly. I have faith that my passion for writing and also for helping others is being propelled forward with the help of this course.

I have just finished my first Ebook and am offering it for free.Landing Page 5 profitable niches free ebook

The course is turning out to be an incredibly good investment in my future. It has been challenging, but the support has been there to keep me from discouraged. Ashley is my key point of contact. She is doing a wonderful job of helping me understand the different components in the modules so far. I am in module #3 of 12 modules.

Producing an ebook led to some research for me. I love research. I learned about keywords that would be helpful to attract people to my web sites. Then, I decided to go with some quotes on each page of the book. That was thoroughly enjoyable. There is a nice selection of historical, including Biblical, and contemporary quotes.

Now, the task is to get as many people as possible to take advantage of the information in the ebook, which deals with health issues that many of us face. I did not include mental health. Funny, now that I think about it. Maybe the next book.

So, I have placed the offer for the free Ebook on FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In my course chapter, there is a list, which included placing my Ebook offering on my websites. In addition to this website, my autobiographical website, it will be on a new website that deals exclusively with health issues. The address for the new website is if you want to look at it. There is only one article there at this point. The article deals with antibiotics.

Here is the FREE Ebook. Please take a look & let me know what you think. Just click on the photo above, or on the words “5 Profitable Niches” below. That will open a new window so you don’t lose your place here at

’til the next time, take care, stay healthy,

Diane Neill Jensen

A free marketing Ebook just for you.

5 Profitable Niches


The requirements for our evolution have changed. Survival is no longer sufficient. Our evolution now requires us to develop spiritually – to become emotionally aware and make responsible choices. It requires us to align ourselves with the values of the soul – harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for life.

Gary Zukav

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