It is Your Business to Be Kind Especially If You Have One of the Best Home Businesses

It is up to you, whether you own your own business or not, to realize that everyone is in a different stage of recovery.

Alcoholism is a common problem here in our town, and I hear it is in other areas also.

You may be recovering from the failure of your first or even second attempt at your own business, or relationship or substance abuse (coffee?). No one really knows except you how you feel.

My husband and business partner that shares many good small business ideas with me, had, as one of his previous jobs, the duty of police officer in a one policeman department.

Many times he was called to a home or business where an inebriant was in an altered state and not behaving as well as we expect of others.

Many times he resolved situations without having to arrest a citizen.

To this day, anywhere we are in our community, anytime we are at community functions, he addresses each by their first name, and with respect, and they in turn give him a friendly word, and sometimes a heartfelt handshake.

To them, he was not a “cop”, he was a friend that would help them in any way he could and as the guidelines of his job, the business of policing, would allow.

He did not criticize, condemn to them, or complain to others about any of his dealings with those in a different state of recovery than a lot of us.

It would not do any good to condemn, complain, or criticize, and most likely would have made any future contact with them unpleasant for each party.

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