More on How Making Money Ideas are Good for Business Life but Not In Social Life


If one of your clients or customers in a situation like a retail store, has, say, bounced a check, does the clerk handle the situation?


Not usually. You would have that customer speak to a management person.


Some businesses have social norms in the mix.

There’s a fine line, though.

The clerk has the friendly, customers always right attitude, if that clerk is good at what they do. The clerk borders on the edge of social* and market** norms even though they handle business, cash, money, transactions.

The manager, however “nice” and polite, handles the less social situation of dealing with customer problems in which the market norm is more strictly in place.


The manager keeps the clerk from becoming less liked by the customer, more approachable.

The manager, a customer will know, can demand and expect the market norm of “this is business” and lays down the law on an unpaid business obligation.

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*social norms = “friendly requests people make of each other.” “…provides pleasure for both (parties)…does not require reciprocity not immediately required.”
**market norms = “wages, prices, rents…” “imply comparable benefits and prompt payments.”

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