Natural Links Good Laugh

I was once again doing my due diligence on dissimilar Affordable SEO services out there and one sentence kept on grabbing my care on many   websites.

The words  were : “We provide 100% natural link building at affordable prices!”

Reading these words made me laugh. It also made me think “Isn`t this SEO company misguiding the clients  by saying that they give natural links ?”

Simply to keep things in regard, the definition of natural-links are :

A natural link is a link to a website or web page that was freely given, that is, a user linked to it as he thought it useful and significant , without interference or coercion from the owner of the website. Natural-links are often the result of producing good, relevant, accurate material .

Now, if you think about the fact that Affordable SEO firms are paid to do link building, you can easily come to the answer that natural-links is one of the distant things they specialize in. Ironically, a lot of people just do not understand that SEO companies just cannot provide you with these kind of links.

I guess the term `natural` gives a feeling of trust and conformity  in the eyes of the clients . But the fact remains that 90% of the total links built over the web are un-natural links, put up for the sole purpose of gaining SERPS and rankings.

So if any SEO company suggests that they will build 100% natural links for you, be ware of those firms . Although the practices of the SEO company may give some very good results, their mere statement that they are providing you with natural links is completely fraud.

In conclusion, un-natural links are not a bad thing. Almost everyone builds up un-natural links to get their website popular and visible in the search engines. But SEO companies who think they are building natural links for their customers are simply lying.


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