Owners of the Best Home Businesses, Show Your Appreciation

One of the best things about checking the mail, whether you own one of the best home businesses, or not, is that once in a while, amidst all the business form letters and business advertisements, is a handwritten letter.

Writing letters out by hand is a great business idea, and is much under utilized by entrepreneurs and home business owners, and offer dual compensation in the form of making your customer or client feel good, and for you, perhaps return business.

Can you imagine the joy that a treasured client would experience if a business person actually took the time to hand write a note about something they appreciate about their client?

We’re not talking “thank you for your business” notes. Even casual, one time purchasers reveal bits of their lives during business transactions.

My business partner, my husband, does not talk much to clerks and sales people, but there’s one in every couple. I’m the talker.

We recently purchased a new sofa at a business that was way far out of our usual business area. Three hundred miles, to be more accurate.

By the time we left the business, my sales lady knew a whole lot more about my life than I even realized until just now. I talked about my grandkids, my wanting to go live in Hawaii, the newspaper publishing business that I sold, and that I was getting entrepreneur training for my home business that even included financial retirement planning.

She had the knowledge to write me a two page letter, but of course, she didn’t. That doesn’t mean that I won’t go back there, that’s not the point.

Oh, and on the last trip my husband and I went on, we took a ride on Amtrak. There was a realtor sitting near us that we had a conversation with.

She sells properties in Hawaii, my husband and I want to purchase property in Hawaii. She gave me her card.

I immediately emailed that young entrepreneur, but to this day I’ve never heard from her. She, also, had enough information to make me feel special.

So, entrepreneurs and home business people, let your potential customers know, via email, snail mail or phone call, that you are interested in and appreciate them.

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  1. Hello, Diane Neill Jensen here,
    Thank you for your kind response.
    That little bit of information could be commented upon and make that customer feel appreciated. Just good business.

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