SEO Press Releases – What Are The Biggest Mistakes Which Are Made

You can really make a press release work well by using some SEO elements but unfortunately most of the time it doesn’t work that well. The majority of SEO press releases are just done badly and look like poorly put together advertisements that serve no purpose other than impressing web crawlers. If you release one of these SEO press releases you can be fairly certain that nobody in the media will touch it with a bargepole.


So When It Comes To SEO Press Releases, What Are The Biggest Mistakes?


The biggest mistake that people make is to write these with the focus on keywords rather than content. Although it is important to concentrate on your keyword density, it must be done in such a way as to make the press release readable. The chance of your article or press release doing well if it is written well is very high so make sure that quality is the most important thing when writing; even ahead of keywords.


One of the other mistakes which is commonly made is to fill a press release with backlinks. To make matters even worse thee backlinks often have no connection to what has been written in the release. Ensure that the backlinks that you use enhance the content of the press release especially if you want your press release to attract media attention.


It is a mistake to write an SEO press release and then make no effort to ensure that it is picked up by media members. The whole point of a press release is to ensure that it is seen by the media and they are not going to come looking for you.


It is possible to use SEO to benefit a press release but only when care is taken to do it right.


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