Smile Your Way to Your Own Best Home Businesses and Making Money Ideas

IF YOU want people to like you, which you should if you are thinking about starting your own business, use the power to change that we all possess and use your new experiences from this moment forward to practice smiling at people.
THE ONLY way you can really succeed at this is to mean it, but practice makes it so much easier. Practice in front of the mirror. Yes, you heard it. It’s a small price to pay, looking at yourself in the mirror and getting good at smiling in return for the return you’ll get from others you interact with each day.

EARLIER in my life, I had some weirdly wonderful experiences because I just couldn’t help smiling. I usually got good responses from people. The video here gives one unusual experience, so be sure to watch that.

One unusual experience that I had with my practiced smile was that once, someone saw through my façade. I was single at the time, after a really stressful and failed marriage, but I was determined to put on a happy face. I was out in the singles scene, entered a popular nightclub and immediately got a pick-up line that I’d never heard before.

I DON’T remember his exact words, but he saw through my smile to the sadness I was feeling about failing my third (!) marriage. Well, we cut quickly through the superficial, and became close friends, the kind where you can not see them for years and then just pick up again like no time had passed. I actually miss him right now, just thinking about it.

ANYWAY, I was smiling but not happy, he recognized that and pretty much helped me in my way back to true happiness over the span of several years. I learned a lot from him.

MOVING radically forward in my life, I had just moved to a new town, a little village just fifty or so miles from Fairbanks, Alaska, where I was raised. The people of the village of Nenana, like in many small burbs, hadn’t much trust for strangers.

WHEN starting your own business, which I was, you need people to trust you. Wow, does a smile work wonders. There were one or more who just wouldn’t give me a go on my advertising business, but slowly but surely, I had all but a few of the players in town, either advertising or participating in what became our home town newspaper.

I WAS REALLY good at smiling, and I know it helped “sell”. I tried very hard to stick to my motto of “Never promise more than you can deliver, and try to deliver more than you promised”, and had ten years of success at the newspaper business.

I DID NOT get rich, but sometimes richness is not measured in dollars. I still live here and love all the people who welcomed a total stranger into their hearts. I love you, Nenana!

SO, YOU never know what a smile will bring. Give it a little practice and experience the magic.

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