The Best Home Businesses Know, but What Does “What’s In A Name” Do For Making Money Ideas

For small business ideas, one of the best small business ideas that’s caught my attention today has to do with names.

Not business names, not place names, but everyone’s personal one of a kind name.

Population of Nenana, Alaska, my home for twelve years, 476. Number of people for whom a face popped into my head when reading all the names in the most recent telephone book for Nenana, 116. Not so good.

“I’m not good at remembering names.”

That excuse has come back to bite me time and again.

The more you say something, the more it gets imprinted in your brain.

Every time that excuse was repeated, the more likely that person’s name would not be remembered.

The rubber band is now on my wrist.

“I’m not good at remembering names. . .”, SNAP . . .

“I’m not good at remembering. . .”, SNAP . . .

“I’m not good at . . .”, SNAP . . .

“I’m not good . . .”, SNAP . . .

“I’m not. . .”, SNAP. . .

“I . . .”, SNAP. . .

In trying to remember names, my husband is a huge help. He will tell me the name.

Now, that name gets written on a little notebook and with the pen that stays with me all the time. A crutch until the names start coming easier.

So, why is it important to remember a person’s name?

Why is your name important to you?

It’s psychology, pure and simple and if you learn the craft of using people’s names in dealing with them, you may find that these new experiences could open doors for you.

“Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face especially if you are in business,” says Dale Carnegie, one of America’s if not the world’s most authoritative experts on the subject.

If you are thinking of starting your own business, you should heed his results on using his power to change minds in his business dealings, which resulted in multi-million dollar deals, according to him in his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

It’s not just for your own business, though. Point in case, do you save newspaper clippings of when your or one of your family members names were published?

And how did you feel when you heard your name called upon at some social event or meeting, someone wanted your opinion, but didn’t you feel special when you heard your name?

Also, in your name is there a II, III, or IV after your name, such as John J. Adams IV?

True, that’s just for men. But ladies, how would you feel when if your granddaughter was named after you?

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