I honestly do not know why people get press kits/EPK confused with press releases, but they generally serve two different purposes within the PR arena. The key is to remember that a press release is used to deliver something newsworthy to a publication in the hope that they will print it.  This may be an approaching show or record album release, for example. However, just sending out the information is nowhere near getting it actually published by your target publication.  To target certain publications, you may need the assistance of a publicist.  

There is no question about it, that you will have to do something to really stand out and make the story into something that the media just cannot resist, and something that if they know that their readers will get a hold of, will not be able to resist either.  If you can find an slant with which to sell the story then that’s better still – if you are donating proceeds from your album sales to charity it is a better story than just dropping a new CD (not that we are saying this is a necessity!). You should then look to get all the appropriate information into the first paragraph with other, additional facts, placed later. The sheet should not be more than one side long if printed and should also include your contact information should an editor want to contact you to find out more (who knows they may even want to run a feature on the basis of the press release). Now, the most important thing to keep in mind is that editors and reporters are ALWAYS bombarded with press releases, so you have to make yours stand out.  Also, you should know that they sometimes let how their day is going, prescribe how they will handle an article – if they will even consider it, so it is best to keep that in mind, and make sure that what you have to say is truly newsworthy.  

 When you finish the press release it is customary to put ‘###’ at the bottom as this is a standard way to show the editor that they have received and read the entire release rather than just part of it. But remember – the snappier and more newsworthy it is the more likely you are to get your story (and thus your free publicity) out there.

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