Why SEO Can Save You A Tonne Of Advertising Expense

Savvy Marketing For The 21st Century Business Owner

All too often, I see businesses that own either appalling websites, or beautiful ones, but the main issue is that they don’t serve their PURPOSE.

Back in the day, when it became popular to have a website, it was more like an “online business card” than anything else.

 Commonly you would hear people say “You’re being left privy without one”

Years ago , it became popular to business owners to spend a tonne of money just to get an online presence.}People would always remark “Oh, you don’t have a website? “You’re behind with the times!” Which is true, to some level.

This is a very valid point, to some degree.

This statement is definitely plausable, to some degree. But there’s still more to the equation. But if you drill down deeper, you’ll discover that there’s much more to this. However, there’s more pieces to this puzzle.

In today’s world, and of course, this depends on what line of business you’re in, but your website needs to serve a purpose…Gone are the days where it’s just “cool” to have an online presence!

So, what’s the PURPOSE of your website? To increase PROFITS through online marketing! This could be in the form of a lead generated for your services, or a sale of your product. In a nutshell, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BOTTOM LINE!

For the purpose of this article, we’ll just refer to a sale of a product, or a lead generated as a “conversion”, which is what experienced Internet Marketers refer to it as.

So step one to getting more conversions from your online marketing efforts is to get TARGETED TRAFFIC. There are many, many ways of doing this online, whether it is pay per click (PPC) advertising, media buying (banner advertising), search engine optimization (SEO), or the use of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

The aforementioned are just a handful of online marketing traffic methods, and each can be very complicated, and if done incorrectly, very expensive.} Many business owners choose to go with pay per click (PPC), which is a nice option, as it’s instantaneous.

However, if you don’t manage your pay per click (PPC) campaigns correctly, you could watch your advertising budget get drained literally overnight! For example, let’s just say that you’re a real estate agent in Miami, and you wanted to do a Google AdWords Campaign, bidding on just the keyword “real estate Miami”, which costs US$3.88 per CLICK.

Thanks to Google’s statistics tools, you can decipher that the exact phrase “real estate Miami” gets searched an average of 27,100 times per month, world wide. Now imagine that you were paying US$3.88 EVERY TIME someone clicks on your ad, when they searched that phrase in Google. $3.88 per CLICK! Even if only 10% of people clicked your add, which equates to 2,710 clicks per month, your cost would be US$10,514.80 per month, or roughly US$350 per DAY! (US$3.88 X 2,710.

Now imagine if you could get that SAME TARGETED TRAFFIC, but for FREE! Wouldn’t that increase your bottom line substantially? I imagine so! That’s where the beauty of effective online marketing comes in. There are many free sources of traffic that many businesses aren’t capitalizing on yet.

However, as mentioned in the beginning of this article, you need to first take a look at your website evolution, and make sure that it’s optimized for maximum CONVERSIONS!

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