Xsitepro 2 Review And Website Design

We have done a review for the design package Xsitepro focusing on how good it is when you want o create a whole website as opposed to just one page and then optimise it. I think that some web design packages have too steep a learning curve. That is why with the simplicity of Xsitepro 2 reviews should be good.

I wanted a combination of use between the simple lower end website building software like Web plus and the more complicated functions of Dreamweaver and similar packages. As I needed to start quickly I didn’t want the steep learning curve that these higher end products demanded.

Erring on the side of caution I posted a request on the Warrior forum, and asked for advice as to which website development software I should opt for. More replies were positive about Xsitepro than any other, so I subscribed and downloaded the software, putting faith in the promise of a 365 day refund.

I was certainly not disappointed and initially completed the tutorial, where I constructed a ten page website in around 1 1/2 hours.

Xsitepro optimizes each page to rank well with the search engines and gives suggestions as to what tasks you need to carry out, to bring this about.

Using a ‘Template’ principle it is possible to make amendment to all pages by making alterations to the template. So logos, colours and font can all be changed with a few simple clicks.

Two mouse clicks will introduce Google Ad sense ads to your web pages bringing about another income stream.

Powerful functionality is immediately available which includes pop-ups, pop-ins, link pages, automatic sitemap, page import, scripts, redirect pages and much more.

With over 100 templates readily installed on Xsitepro you can easily and quickly build your own website. Built-in Article and Product pages which are of considerable benefit to internet marketers.

No knowledge of HTML needed, making it also a beginners tool. So long as you can use basic computer programmes like Microsoft Word then you will get along fine.

In summary we found it to be easy to learn, intuitive and we were able to produce results fast.

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